Places Left Unfinished Indian Himalayas Ongoing Family Project

The world was deaf here.
These were places, often completely unnoticed, with no sound, without color, dark places where no sunlight could penetrate, places where the world had no shape or substance.

John Philip Santos-Places Left Unfinished at the Time of Creation

Tibetan religious geography and the corresponding  geographical religious activities presume a world that is everywhere pregnant with raw power.
Not operating within a strictly dualistic notion of «sacred» and «profane» space, Tibetan places of religious importance
are not concpetualized as qualitatively distinct from the space around them.

Alex Gardner- A Treasure Revealer Maps his Authority on Khams, Tibet

We see our present with as little understanding as we view our past because aspects of the past,
which could illuminate the present,
have been concealed from us.

Renato Constantino
Filipino Historian

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